The copyedit is an intense and detailed look at grammar, spelling, syntax, word choice, and all things technical. This is the type of editing most people think of when they hear the word “editing.” I offer my copyediting services for short- to medium-length projects such as the following:

  • cover letters
  • articles and blog posts
  • theses and dissertations
  • website copy
  • short stories and flash fiction
  • children’s books
  • podcast scripts
  • artist’s statements

If you are interested in a copyedit of a longer work, please contact me and we can talk about your options.


Smaller projects

Résumé editing: Let me use my years of experience as a high school senior English teacher and university career adviser to make your résumé pop. Whether you want a polish or a complete overhaul, I can help make it look good on paper and keyword-ready for the headhunting machines on the Internet.

LinkedIn profile creation: I will take the information you give me from your résumé and any other sources you provide and flesh out your professional profile online with as many bells and whistles as you’d like. I recommend this service for someone who recognizes the importance of a presence on LinkedIn but does not have the time to make it snazzy (or make it at all). Adding contacts will remain in your control.


Developmental editing for your novel or short story

I love thinking in the big picture way, and I offer a few different levels of depth for your budget and needs:

  • Level 1: An editorial recommendation. This is a letter I will compose for you that comments on the aforementioned pieces of your project. This is usually for your first or second draft, where I go in and comment on the piece’s plot, structure, characterization, and other framework components. I will highlight the strengths and places where things are working well, and I will summarize what I think could be improved.
  • Level 2: The editorial recommendation + detailed comments. Here, in the margins and at the end, I will get specific about pieces that need improvement or correction. Examples may include highlighting contradictions and discrepancies of places and characters (e.g. names, traits), timeline problems, inconsistent tone, and several other broad scope elements.
  • Level 3: The editorial recommendation + detailed comments + a line edit of the first twenty pages or first chapter of your project (we can negotiate exactly how much). This is where I will comment on details such as voice, style, syntax, word choice, and repetition. I will also catch errors that you consistently make, thereby saving you money on an edit in the future. This level of edit will be the most in-depth kind of editing I can provide you short of a copyedit.